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Georgia Probation and Parole

Probation and parole represent ways for people convicted of crimes to avoid doing time. Both are conditioned on good behavior. If the prisoner messes up, he/she is sent back to prison. Probation is part and parcel of the offender's initial sentence. Probation is handed down by the judge at trial. It may be in lieu of jail time or in combination with some jail time. The judge will specify restrictions on the prisoner's activities during the probation period.

If you are accused of violating your parole, you will typically be given the opportunity to challenge the accusation at an administrative hearing before the parole board. There will typically be two hearings, the first to determine if you should be held in custody pending the full hearing, and the second to determine if you violated the terms of your parole.

If you fail to report for meetings with the probation officer or you are caught with illegal drugs or concealed weapons or you associate with known criminals, or you are arrested on new criminal charges, you are more likely to be returned to prison. It should be noted that being arrested can be enough to violate a person's parole, even if no charges result from that arrest.

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