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What is a Sexual Assault in Georgia?

Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual contact and may involve physical force, pressure, manipulation and/or threats. Some rapists use alcohol or other drugs to take advantage of a victim. Sexual assault is a criminal offence, whether it is committed by a boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, acquaintance or someone else.
If convicted for sexual assault, you could face

  • Prison
  • Substantial fines
  • Probation/parole
  • Loss of rights
  • Court ordered rehab

Sexual harassment is any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior, which can include verbal (e.g., derogatory comments, tales of sexual exploits) and/or physical harassment (e.g., leering, inappropriate touching, asking for sexual favors), displaying derogatory posters or art, and other advances or inappropriate conduct. In order to be considered illegal, the conduct must be unwelcome and offensive to the victim.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, you need to act fast. Hire a qualified and aggressive lawyer to ensure your legal rights and interests are fully protected. A conviction can carry a wealth of hidden consequences that can come into play under a variety of circumstances..  A criminal conviction can have major repercussions. It can affect the individual on a more basic level when he attempts to seek employment.

Federal law and most state agencies now requires background checks and allow disqualification based on conviction in a wide variety of employment areas including education, healthcare services, child and eldercare, financial institutions and transportation. A prior conviction will play an important role in the outcome of all future criminal charges.

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